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SportCast is widely recognised as the leader in sports betting player engagement through its product experiences, technologies and pricing. Amongst their products, they invented BetBuilder, which continues to pioneer sports betting experiences.

SportCast understood that an innovative game-changing approach must have a product strategy and user experience at its core. And those were needed to support their start-up journey to secure several successful rounds of investment funding and, eventually, acquisition. SportCast became part of the OpenBet group and was then part of a larger acquisition of OpenBet.

Supporting from launch to aquisition

SportCast needed a team who could deliver a user experience strategy that would launch and grow a business ready for acquisition. We worked with SportCast from their first product to their eventual acquisition by OpenBet, driving the user experience of all their white-label products. We helped shape their product strategy, validated innovative new products and features, and supported the delivery and launch of award-winning, game-changing products.

Concepts and prototypes we created helped to envision future experiences and were used to support successful investment pitches.